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Second Tuesday of every month.

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Sunshine Updates

March 23, 2015

Plant Sale:

The plant sale went well. We do not have a final number yet. We also were able to share our excess with many non-profit organizations fulfilling one of the requirements of our own non-profit. If you are aware of others with school, church, food bank gardens, please have them contact any member of the Board to check on availability of plants. But for you and your gardening friends, the plants remain available in the greenhouse at $1 each. Honor system cash box.

Board meeting:

There is a Board meeting this Tuesday, March 24. If you have any issues, concerns, or questions, please let me know.


There will be an election to fill positions on the Board on May 30. Positions available are president, vice-president, treasurer. Look around the garden, talk to people. I would like to see some relatively new members (must be members at least 6 months) or long time members step up to serve on the Board. Please let the nominating commitee know of any interested members.

The nominating committee is:

  • Chris Schroder
  • Katy Davis
  • Nancy Seibert


There is compost available in the very last row. It probably should be sifted before use. Any junk in it, please throw in the dumpster. The middle mounds are still hot and should not be harvested yet. There will be an announcement and signs that indicate when each pile is available for your gardens.

Video from the Plant Sale 2015 -- courtesy Berkley Bettis

2014 Tomato Test Plot Results


The paper copy of the Green Binder located in the shed has been discontinued. You will be required to use the "Green Binder" on the website. You can also check your hours for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 . To receive proper credit for your hours, you must use the name that is on your contract,

Tomato Tasting Results 2014

At long last, the results from the Tomato Tasting are in (the earlier report was from a previous year). This year, we had 49 varieties to sample. The five top-ranked tomatoes for taste were Black and Brown Boar, Sun Gold, Lemon Boy, Cherokee Purple, and Black Cherry. The five lowest-ranked tomatoes for taste were BHN-602, Homestead 24F, Large Barred Boar, Dark Galaxy, and Lemon Cherry. Texture and looks were also judged although fewer people made comments on those features than for taste. In any category, scores with more people judging them are more reliable than those with just a few. Also, the results depend on the samples submitted. If the tomatoes weren't totally ripe or overripe, their scores may not be consistent with their peak flavor. Paste type varieties always score lower for taste and often texture than those typically eaten fresh.

Results sorted alphabetically (.pdf)

Results sorted by taste and looks (.xls)

Welcome to Sunshine Community Gardens' website

Please feel free to contribute recipes, hints, pictures, links, comments or anything else you feel that will help this website become a gardener's reference and home.

Send email to Sharon at

Sunshine's Compost/Recycling Operations

Do you want to recycle leaves, grass clippings, or vegetable kitchen waste? You are welcome to bring this material to Sunshine Gardens and deposit it in the appropriate clearly marked pile.

Please empty your collection containers (another opportunity, to recycle) for reuse.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept twigs, branches, or logs as we have no way to deal with them as nature cannot break them down quickly enough given our limited space.

Also, we can't accept florist waste. We try to subscribe to organic practices and avoid herbicides and fungicides and preservatives. We don't know what the flowers are treated with but if and only if, it contains none of the above then you are welcome to dump it in our compost pile.

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