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18 January 2018

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Winter Bounty II, from Farm to Table

Last weekend, Kathleen Neville harvested a number of winter greens from her plot while preparing for the freeze.

Her favorite recipe? It is quite simple: saute the (trimmed) greens in olive oil with garlic. Add a bit of balsamic vinegar, Parmesan and red pepper flakes. And to upgrade it a full meal: make little wells for gently cooking a few eggs.

Share you memories, ideas and food thoughts with your community members! If you have images of your favorite or specialty produce, please send the images and a short story or recipe to Kristin Phillips.

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Tool Shed Assistance Needed from All

Thank you again to Bob Easter for organizing the tool shed so beautifully. Here's what we can all do to help maintain the space:

Planning for the Plant Sale

Please start advertising the 2018 Plant Sale! Fliers and cards are available in the trailer.

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