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All Gardeners Meeting - Holiday Potluck
December 8, 4 - 6 pm

There will be a brief All Gardeners Meeting with updates on Spring Plant Sale preparations and other garden activities.

Bring a potluck dish to share.
Join your garden neighbors for good food, fellowship, and door prizes!

Also, it's an opportunity to pick up a great stocking stuffer.
We still have Sunshine Community Garden T-shirts available.
Colors: blue or white.
Price: $10.


This is the last scheduled workday for the fall gardening season.v Meet at the garden trailer to find out what the tasks are for the workday.

REMEMBER: DECEMBER 31st is the deadline for completing your fall season service hours requirement.


If you are unable to attend the December 8th workday, you can still complete your service hours on your own schedule before December 31st.

Tasks that need to be done
(The task list is also available on the clipboard in the Tool Shed.)

Remove rocks and plastic from compost pile.

Remove from the compost pile Bermuda and other material which require a longer time to compost. Place in pile designated for Bermuda.

Mow the area by the picnic tables.

In the Garden Trailer, empty trash and sweep floor, mop bathrooms, clean refrigerator

Mow along fence lines.

Dig up weeds throughout garden to prevent damage to the lawn mowers.

Clean-up deck.

Fill gas cans.

Dig weeds from pathways in TSBVI plots.


The required TSBVI Service Hour (1 hour of work for each plot) for the fall season must be completed by DECEMBER 31st.
Please contact new TSBVI liaison, Janet Adams at, if you have any questions. Janet will be at the garden for the workday on December 8th.

Don't wait until the end of month, there will not be 100 hours of work available on December 30th. Service hours for TSBVI must be performed, you may not pay for them. The land where we garden belongs to TSBVI and we need to demonstrate our commitment to being part of their program. We can do this by keeping the garden looking as nice as we can.

Tasks that you can do to complete your TSBVI hour

Digging out grass and weeds from pathways in TSBVI plots.

Maintaining the Sunshine Garden site from the fence line to the street:
Weeding and trash pick up. (Don't pull out the green vines on the fence.)
Mowing and maintenance between the fence and the street.
Maintaining the bus stops on Sunshine Drive and 49th Street.

There is another opportunity for service hours if one is willing to become a volunteer at TSBVI. It involves a background check as well as an orientation meeting. If anyone is interested, please contact Janet Adams. This is the way Sunshine gardeners can help in the TSBVI greenhouse.

Do you have computer skills?

We need some more gardeners to help with tasks that require computer skills.

Micah 6
Food Drive

Sunshine Community Gardens is organizing a food drive to benefit the Micah 6 Food Pantry for the upcoming holiday season.

We ask that gardeners interested in participating donate cans of meat, such as chicken and tuna, as well as canned vegetables and fruit in the 16 or 24 ounce size. Please leave any donations in the main room in the trailer. We will deliver the donated goods on December 14, so please drop any contributions prior to that date. Thank you for your generosity!

If you have any questions, please contact either Nancy Seibert 512 784-4845 or Linda Francescone 512 795-1141.

Volunteer Drivers and Harvesters Needed

We need more gardeners to volunteer to harvest produce from the Micah 6 plots on Thursday and Saturday mornings and drivers to deliver the produce to the Micah 6 food pantry on those same days.

Contact Linda Francescone at or 795-1141 for more information. Hours worked in support of Micah 6 can be logged and counted as garden service hours.


Micah 6 delivered 2240 pounds of vegetables since May this year.
Here are the monthly totals.

May 271 pounds
June 67 pounds
July 499.5 pound
August 221.5 pounds
September 130 pounds
October 52 pounds
November (so far) 75 pounds.

Micah 6 Gardeners
(each is responsible for a bed in Micah 6 garden):
Randy Thompson, Mary Gifford, Vic Houle, Allison Binicki and Brian, Linda Francescone, Susan Hoberman, Jay Willman and Jim Willman.

Micah 6 Drivers and Harvesters
Denise Ketchum, Ginnie Heilman, Alaka Valanju, Dana Kuykendall, Michael Hall, John Moore , Linda Francescone

Micah 6 Coordinatorr> Linda Francescone

Austin Herb Society - Annual Holiday Bazaar
December 4, 9:30 - 11:30 am
Zilker Botanical Garden Center

The Austin Herb Society will have its Annual Holiday Bazaar at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Tuesday, December 4, 9:30 a.m. til 11:30 a.m. This a great opportunity to buy some holiday gifts. Refreshments will be served. See:


Here is a website to check out:

Judy Barrett's e-magazine is a very good resource for organic gardening. Look it over, and sign up for this online magazine. Judy has written several books including:
What can I do with my Herbs?
What Makes Heirloom Plants so Great?


Contact Information

Jack McEvoy, President -
Jeff Schulz, Vice President -
Jack Reynolds, Treasurer -
Sue Brownlee, Secretary -

Michael Hall, Director -
Kay McMurry, Director -
Emily Tisinger, Director -

Coordinators & Chairs

Zone 1, Ila Falvey (acting coordinator) -
Zone 2, Katy Davis -
Zone 3, Ludmila Voskov-
Zone 4, Ila Falvey -
Zone 5, Mary Gifford -

Zone 6, Annik Jackson -
Zone 7, Diana Dworaczyk -
Zone 8, Felicia Kongable -
Zone 9, Cheryl Hazeltine -
Zone 10, Emily Tisinger -

Plant Sale -Michael

TSBVI Liason & Volunteer Coordinator - Janet Adams - jartdaht@gmailcom<

Carpentry & Repairs - Robert Jarry -
Tools & Wheelbarrows - Bob Easter -
Maintenance Coordinator - Ila Falvey -
Website Coordinators - Kathleen Neville -

Record Service Hours Online - the Virtual Green Binder

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