Sunshine sometime Weekly Weeder




11:00 AM

The newly elected directors of Sunshine Community Gardens will be introduced.

There will be no formal All Gardeners Meeting this Saturday. The scheduled vote on the site rules and by-laws updates has been postponed.

Shortly after 11:00 AM
An informal tomato discussion will be held, lead by Randy Thompson. Every fall, Randy asks gardeners to send back ratings of the tomato varieties they planted and uses the information to make the tomato seed orders for the spring plant sale.

About 12:00 noon
The Tomato Tasting will begin. Gardeners are invited to bring several of their favorite tomatoes that they would like to share. If you can bring tomatoes for the tasting, please let Ila Falvey ( know what kind you plan to bring.

After the Tomato Tasting
Following the tasting, there will be a potluck, if you choose to join in and bring a dish.
A caprese salad with bread and drinks will be provided.

AND MORE! There will be music and prizes!


The All Gardeners Meeting that had been schedule for Saturday, June 9, has been postponed until later this summer. Voting by the gardeners on proposed changes to the By-Laws and Site Rules has also been postponed -- so we can have more time to enjoy the Tomato Tasting.


Seventy-eight gardeners voted in the elections last week.

The new Directors are:

Michael Hall
Kay McMurry
Emily Tisinger

And the Nomination Committee members are:/b<>

Scott Morris
Bryan Spaulding
Marge Trachtenberg


June 30 is the deadline for completing and logging Spring season Service Hours.

There are many maintenance tasks around the garden that need to be done. Mowing, pulling weeds, picking up trash, cleaning up the tool shed, just to name a few. Work on the pathways between blocks of plots, for example between B1 and C1 or between C6 and C7, can be counted toward service hours. (Yes, yes, plot blocks B and C are long gone, but I didn't want to point to an actual path as the example.) And the Micah 6 garden needs more volunteers, see below.

Please make it easier for us to tally up your hours, and log them online in the Virtual Green Binder.


We still need volunteers to help with the Micah 6 Garden.

We need people to help harvest on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Volunteers are also needed to drop off food at the Micah 6 pantry on Saturday mornings. This would be a once a month commitment. The University Presbyterian Church, where the pantry is located, is only an 8 minute drive from Sunshine.

Contact Linda Francescone,

GARDENING SEMINAR - How to Rid Your Garden of Pesky Insects

Thursday, June 14, 10am-12pm
Travis County AgriLife Extension Office
1600-B Smith Road

Help your gardening by knowing more about the insects which live there. Learn about friend and foe in the insect world, and then learn the less toxic and less expensive methods to control harmful insects. Free and open to the public.

  • Workday - June 9, 9:00 - 11:00am
  • pre-Tomato-Tasting Tomato Discussion - June 9, 11:00am
  • Sunshine Tomato Tasting - June 9, 12 noon
  • Board Meeting - June 12, 6:00pm
  • June 30th - Deadline for Spring Season Service Hours

Contact Information

Jack McEvoy, President -
Jeff Schulz, Vice President -
Suzanne Bradford, Treasurer -
Sue Brownlee, Secretary -
Michael Hall, Director -
Kay McMurry, Director
Emily Tisinger, Director -

Coordinators & Chairs

Zone 1, Patsy Painter -
Zone 2, Katy Davis -
Zone 3, Sheila Bartholomew -
Zone 4, Alan Marburger -
Zone 5, Mary Gifford -

Zone 6, Annik Jackson -
Zone 7, Diana Dworaczyk -
Zone 8, Felicia Kongable -
Zone 9, Cheryl Hazeltine -
Zone 10, Emily Tisinger -

Plant Sale -Michael

TSBVI Liaison & Volunteer Coordinators
Mike Meyer
Carpentry & Repairs - Robert Jarry -
Compost - Steve Uecker -
Tools & Wheelbarrows - Bob Easter -
Maintenance Coordinator - Ila Falvey -
Website Coordinators - Kathleen Neville and Larry Olsen -

Record Service Hours Online - the Virtual Green Binder

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