Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

All Gardner's Meeting February 20, 2016

  • Produce Theft - Keep an eye out for people taking produce from plots that are not theirs. We have had multiple incidences recently.
  • Please be sure to lock up in the evening if you are the last one in the garden. This includes the trailer, tool shed and main gate.
  • Mower Shed - As many of you know, the mowers have leaked over the years and gas has permeated the floor. In order to prevent a fire that would cost us the tractor and tools, we will replace the floor in the tool shed and move the mowers to their own shed.
  • Trellis Raffle - This year we are auctioning off a trellis for the plant sale. Tickets are $5 or 5 tickets for $20.
  • Silent Auction for the plant sale needs items.
  • Common Paths - Maintaining common paths can go towards you service hours. Black plastic is available for the path improvements.
  • Plant Sale -
    • Week before the sale -
      • 2 tents will be delivered on Monday to house the tomatoes. Parking will be limited.
      • We will need to move the herbs from TSBVI greenhouse to our greenhouse.
      • Plants from Gabriel Valley will begin arriving on Wednesday.
      • Friday, exhibitors will arrive and we will have the pre-sale meeting at 4:30 pm followed by the sale for gardeners. Please do not try to park in the garden. Use street or garage parking.
    • Doors open from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm on Saturday.
    • Sale will continue on Sunday.
    • Whatever is left will be donated the following week.
    • Donate boxes for people attending the sale.
    • Please clean up your plot. We want to put our best face on for all of our visitors.

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