Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

Minutes from Board Meeting, September 8, 2015

Members Present: Jeff Monks, Jim Willman, Shannon Posern, Carol Limaye, Mary Gifford

Old Business:

  • New quarter plots behind the chicken coop need a water tap to water their beds.
  • Vacant secretary position will be filled by Shannon Posern. Shannon resigns from the director position. Board will decide at the next meeting if they will fill the vacant director position or wait until elections in May.
  • Funky Chicken Coop tour will be on March 26. Sunshine will serve as the event base again.
  • Fall plant sale will October 1 - 3.
    • Half the plants were damaged and Nancy will call Gabriel Farms to order extra.

New Business:

  • Mary Gifford addressed the board to request faster action on noncompliance.
  • Carol is trying QuickBooks online to manage financials. Cost will be $11 per month. (Note: I found out the package we purchased was $20 a month. This isn't a correction to the minutes, but a correction to my statement to the board.)
  • Jeff bought an electric trimmer for the garden. Rules and safety googles will be placed in the tool shed.
  • Site rules update is being placed on hold. Pilot programs maybe tried before a change to the rules.
  • Education Committee Update:
    • Shannon is looking for help to manage the group.
    • Mason bee houses will be placed around the garden by girl scouts working on their gold and silver awards.

Next board meeting: October 13, 2015, 6:00 pm at the trailer

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