Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

All-Gardener's Meeting

August 23, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Janet Adams after determining a quorum was present.

Janet thanked all the volunteers who helped distribute the decomposed gravel and weed paths for the TSBVI plots and Micah 6 path before the meeting.

Janet reported that the trees that had been overhanging the roof of the trailer have been trimmed.

TSBVI fall plant sale fundraiser is scheduled for the week ending October 18. Plant starts will arrive September 15 and garden volunteers are needed to transplant. More details will be given in the Weekly Weeder.

Randy Thompson reminded gardeners of materials that should not be in the compost pile. The following items need to be placed in the trash bin:

  • Trees; tree branches
  • Plastic tags from plants
  • Khaki weed
  • Rocks from compost pile

New T-shirt design contest:

  • Design will go on front of shirt
  • Design will use single color ink
  • No objectionable/offensive designs allowed
  • Members may submit designs to be voted on
  • Designs due by October 31
  • New T-shirts will be sold during December 6 meeting

Upcoming events:

  • Board Meeting, September 2
  • All-Gardener's Meeting/Potluck, December 6
  • Next work day, September

Kay McMurry, Janet Adams, and Randy Thompson gave a brief report on some of the sessions they attended at the American Community Gardening Association Conference in Chicago. Each will write up a synopsis of their impressions from the sessions they attended and share electronically.

Linda Francescone, one of the coordinators for the Micah 6 garden, reported that 2,250 pounds of produce has been delivered to date. The Micah 6 potluck is scheduled for August 24, 2014.

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